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Best Places to Visit in Konkan

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Kashid beach Kashid beach pixabay

Sprawling throughout the shore from Mumbai to Goa, Konkan is domestic to picture-ideal sea seashores, top-notch ruins, and lots more. If you've got ever traveled through teaching alongside the Konkan coast, you'll recognize how lovely this region is.

There are masses of locations to go to in Konkan wherein you may respect the luxurious inexperienced appeal of the coast and discover fishermenâs lives. Whether you've got constantly desired to go to a string of forts or spend a vacation on the tropical seashores in India, Konkan is absolutely the satisfactory region to be in. Being domestic to cascading waterfalls, virgin landscape, and scrumptious seafood, the Konkan coast has masses to offer.

Being domestic to pristine seashores, Ganpatipule ornaments itself with mangroves alongside plantations. The splendor of the clean blue water of the Arabian Sea similarly provides to the splendor of this region. During your go to Ganpatipule, you need to go to exceptional sea seashores right here i.e. Ganpatipule Beach and Aare Ware Beach. You may even discover a Swayambhu Ganpati temple that has been right here for centuries. In addition, you ought to go to the Jaigad Fort and a lighthouse constructed withinside the British technology right here. This is actually one of the satisfactory vacationer locations in Konkan.

Also called Alibag, Kashid beach near Alibag unravels the possibility so as to enjoy a number of the maximum coveted forts withinside the west coast. If you're seeking out satisfactory locations to go to in Konkan, you ought to really strive for the Alibaug Fort and the Magen Avot Synagogue. Both the Siddheswat Mandir and Kunkeshwar Mandir right here appeal to hundreds of pilgrims all through the year. You should pass for a stroll on a number of the virgin seashores right here which includes Kashid Beach, Korlai Beach, Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach, and so on. Apart from the delectable seafood delicacies, you may revel in water sports activities as well.

The port metropolis of Ratnagiri is lots recognized for generating globally well-known Alphonso mangoes. Being domestic to Western Ghat hills and Arabian Sea waves, this metropolis is ideal for a weekend getaway. Besides rejuvenating you withinside the home of nature, Ratnagiri has a number of the maximum pristine seashores which you need to go to for the duration of your experience to Ratnagiri. Don’t pass over the Guhagar Beach and the Ratnagiri Lighthouse right here.

Talking approximately Sindhudrg, what involves thoughts first is the Chhatrapati Shivaji’s castle with the identical name. Being domestic to 50 smaller towns, this district is well-known for the Sindhudurg Fort. Being one of the locations to go to in Konkan beaches in Winter, this region is thought of for snorkeling alongside different water sports activities. You may even get to enjoy Malvani delicacies right here. In addition, don’t overlook to flavor the Alphonso mangoes and coconuts right here.

Located about 215 km far from Mumbai, Dapoli is called Mini-Mahabaleshwar as well. Ruled through Britishers once, this region is a melting pot of various cultures. Adorned with pristine seashores, Dapoli has forests too. In addition, you may go to historic temples including Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar Temple as well. What you shouldn’t pass over right here are Dolphin sightings and wooded area trekking. If you're looking ahead to complement yourself with culture, that is one of the satisfactory locations to go to in Konkan.

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