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What to do when you buy a new phone

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A new phone is a purchase that you enjoy as a small child when receiving his favorite toy. But this early enthusiasm can quickly disappear if you don't pay attention to important issues from the beginning.


Even if the phone is new, and isn't purchased from the second hand market, it is possible that it comes with some malfunctions or maybe even you can drop it in the first seconds or minutes since you held it in your hand and damage it faster than you would have thought possible. So, it is important to respect certain things when buying a new phone, so that its use is one of the most pleasant and long-lasting. 

Make sure your new phone doesn't have any software or processing errors

The first lusty that you have to do in the first hours or days after purchasing a new phone is to follow the signs that would indicate a malfunction as a result of software or processing problems. Make sure that it does not present bottlenecks, that it reacts quickly and safely to the commands you give, that the programs are running properly, without delays. If you notice a problem of any kind related to this, contact the trader to take the necessary measures. 

Make sure your battery is working as described

Battery capacity is one of the important aspects that users take into account when purchasing a new phone. For many it is important that it is of high capacity, so that it lasts as long as possible in time and does not require frequent loads. However, there are situations where new phones can have battery failures even before the first use – either they don't last too long or don't charge fast enough or well enough. To make sure your new phone is running smoothly, don't forget to check your new phone's battery during the first period of use. 

At the same time, do not forget that in order for the performance of a battery to be preserved for as long as possible it is important to be careful of applications that consume it unnecessarily. Always make sure that you've shut down apps you're not using so that your battery isn't affected.  

Protect your phone physically

The physical protection of a new phone must be achieved as soon as it has been purchased, and this involves the use of a suitable screen protection, respectively the purchase of a leather phone case, suitable for the phone model you own. The foil and the phone case will be your reliable friends who will protect the phone in case of bumps, when it suffers various shocks, but also against dust or against scratches that can occur as a result of normal use.

At any time there is a risk that you will drop the phone from your hand, put it in the same pocket with the keys that will scratch its screen or suffer various accidents that can lead to damage to some external or internal components. In order to keep the screen free of scratches, it is recommended to choose a protective glass and a cover specially made for the phone model held since the first use.

Update your phone from the first time you're in use

Although new phones have up-to-date updates, it is possible that it still needs some updates from the very first use. Make sure you've made them and downloaded the latest apps so that it works flawlessly from the very first use.

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