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Natural treatment of Bartonella - where to start?

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More and more people are realizing the great danger of tick-borne diseases. Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis are becoming increasingly recognized diseases.

However, still very few people are aware of how important in the diagnosis are also co-infections of Lyme disease, which we can include Bartonella.


Bartonella is a gram-negative, aerobic bacterium transmitted to humans by animals such as ticks, but also by mites, fleas, and lice. Bartonella is classified as one of the major tick-borne co-infections and is a common co-infection with Lyme disease. In people infected with both Borrelia and Bartonella, there is a significant increase in the symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms of Bartonella:

  • chronic fatigue
  • flu-like symptoms-fever or drop in temperature
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • burning sensation especially of the soles of the feet or stinging pain
  • eye problems including pain in the eyeballs
  • headache
  • mood swings
  • shaking, anxiety
  • depressive symptoms
  • sleep problems
  • sensitive subcutaneous nodules along the extremities
  • red or blue longitudinal rashes (sometimes similar to stretch marks
  •  papular rash

Bartonella matriculation treatment

Treatment of bacterial infections should not be based solely on antimicrobial activity. Tick-borne infections are difficult to treat because they attack specific structures in our body and exploit a range of infectious mechanisms that make treatment difficult.

It is very important to protect the structures attacked by the bacterium. In the case of Bartonella, this is the endothelium and red blood cells. Protecting the endothelium and red blood cells from Bartonella invasion is necessary to disrupt the living conditions of the bacterium – its shelter, nutrition and reproduction. This will stop the infection from spreading. Bartonella is not able to produce the nutrients necessary for survival on its own. It also needs shelter to survive and reproduce. The protection of the endothelium and red blood cells is therefore crucial in the treatment of bartonellosis.

Equally important is the protection of the affected organs, especially the heart, liver, spleen, lymphatic system and nervous system.

Bartonella causes a complex cytokine cascade reaction in an infected person. Inhibition of the Bartonella-induced cytokine cascade is necessary to disrupt bacterial nutrition and inhibit bacterial multiplication. This will help reduce or even stop most of the symptoms caused by this infection.

Strengthening natural immunity is another important element of therapy. The more the immune system is weakened, the more the infection is aggravated and the more the symptoms are aggravated. Bartonella does not see a significant threat from the body has an open path to a free attack. Strengthening and regulating the immune system is just as important as fighting the bacteria itself.

Antibacterial activity should be carried out taking into account the above mechanisms of infection. Comprehensive action will bring the best results.

Natural herbal protocols take into account a comprehensive approach to the treatment of this infection.

One of the most effective and popular protocols used in the natural treatment of Bartonella is the Buhner protocol.

The herbs used in this protocol are:

  • Houttuynia cordat
  •  Isatis
  • Alchornea cordifoli
  •  Rhodiola rosae (Mountain Rose)
  • Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng)
  • Milk Thistle
  • Double-headed Hawthorn
  • Cordyceps tincture
  • Red root tincture
  • Sida Acuta
  •  L-arginine
  • Quercetin
  • EGC
  • Vitamin E

Houttuynia, Isatis and Alchornea cordifolia are the main herbs showing anti-inflammatory activity.

Japanese knotweed, EGCG and L-arginine are responsible for the protection of the endothelium, and Sida acuta acts protectively on red blood cells.

Hawthorn, red root and milk thistle are used to protect the liver, lymphatic system and spleen.

Inhibition of the cytokine cascade is mainly due to cordyceps, as well as Japanese knotweed and EGCG.

Rhodiola rosae and Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) strengthen immunity.

Herbs and supplements described above can be found in the store

The use of herbs in the treatment of bartonellosis is an excellent alternative for people struggling with this disease. See

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