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What is a Summerhouse

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Are you looking forward to buying a summer house? If yes, there can be many questions in your mind!


It may be different uses of the summer house, which one is best for you and more. Therefore, you may be searching for a perfect guide that can help in answering these questions.

Hence this guide can act as a perfect tool to know everything about summer houses.

What is a Summer House?

These are wooden outdoor garden structures that are available in your outdoor space. You can use the summer house for different purposes.

Generally, these outdoor units contain felt or tiled roofs and multiple numbers of large windows. These doors allow a sufficient amount of natural light to shine through.

Some summer houses also have porch steps, canopies or verandas to help expand the front portion of it. Further, large summer houses are made in a similar style to that of log or bespoke cabins.

What Summerhouses Are Used For

For many years people have used Summerhouses as “lifestyle” products. You can use them for different purposes including, a relaxation room, children’s playroom, outdoor dining, hobby or craft rooms, and offices.

Further, you can also store your gardening equipment to clear your lawn area. The best part is that you can also use these garden sheds to store gardening tools or as DIY workshops.

What Summerhouse You Should Choose

Summerhouses are available in different sizes and shapes. You can select the one as per your need, space available and budget as well. Basically, there are two types of the summerhouse, large and small.

  • Large Summer House

A larger summerhouse is perfect for use as a socializing or dining space. You can also consider them as a craft, and hobby or workroom.

You can get a large summer house in different sizes, including up to 5.4m x 6.0m (18ft x 20ft). If you prefer to have a veranda also, then size is available up to 6.0m x 6.6m (20ft x 22ft).

  • Small Summer House

If you are looking for intimate space for personal hobbies and small gatherings, a small summerhouse is ideal for you. The compact size of this house starts with 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft x 6ft).

You can also store all your outdoor furniture in them over the colder months. These summerhouses are not only convenient but are also a budget-friendly option for you.

Also, if you have a small garden, then go for a corner summerhouse that is available in small sizes.

Custom Summerhouses and How Can I Find More Information About Summerhouses

There are many online summer house design tools available that help you customize your summerhouse. Here you can select your own preferences for doors, windows, interior as well as the exterior.

To find more information for constructing your summerhouse, you can also visit the given link https://maestrocabins.co.uk/

Final Words

All in all, after reading this summer house guide, you must gather enough knowledge concerning the trendy summer house. From what summer house is, which type is best and how you can customize it we have got you covered.

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