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Confirmat screws and other elements for furniture assembly

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Confirmat screws - Furnica Confirmat screws - Furnica

How to connect two furniture boards together to form a stable and functional whole? It is necessary to use special elements for furniture assembly for this process.

There are many types of them available, and they differ primarily in appearance and purpose. Among them we can distinguish, among others, confirmat screws.

Confirmat screws - what are they?

These are special screws, which are characterized among others by an appropriate milling cut. They are mainly used to join two furniture boards together at a right angle. Special drill bits are used to make holes for the confirmat screws. Their importance is therefore extremely important, since they largely determine the stability and functionality of a given piece of furniture.

These elements for furniture assembly are available in very different parameters. They differ in the width of the diameter, length, size of the head, as well as the type of socket. The most standard ones have an Allen socket and diameters of 6.4 mm and 7.0 mm. They are selected strictly according to the needs. Not without significance is also their quality.

Other components for furniture assembly

For the construction of furniture to be strong and stable, it is also necessary to use other small accessories. They differ in appearance and purpose, and although at first glance they may seem similar, they usually have completely different functions. Among them there are nails, screws, bolts, spikes, dowels, lamellas, sockets, supports, connectors, guides or plugs.

What type of elements to use, of course, depends on the function they are to perform. Accessories for furniture assembly included in the set have a strictly defined purpose and you have to stick to it. This will ensure that the furniture will be durable and functional, and its structure stable. Aesthetics is no less important. It is best to use appropriate tools for assembly, and finally install also plugs, which will significantly affect the appearance of our shelves, desks or closets.

Check: Confirmat screws - Furnica

Quality as an extremely important determinant

Components for furniture assembly can be made of very different materials. It can be metal, stainless steel, galvanized, wood or acrylic. The quality of these small elements is very important, because it also determines the construction of the entire piece of furniture. So, it is worth paying attention to their solidity and if you purchase them yourself, pay attention to their strength.

If, along with the purchase of self-assembly furniture, we also receive a set of individual elements that will serve to combine the furniture into a whole, then they should be used as intended, and it is also worth, especially when their quality raises doubts, to replace them with slightly more solid ones.

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