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Glass skin effect - how to achieve it?

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Glass skin effect Glass skin effect

Only a decade ago, a shining face would be considered a beauty crime. Now it is more than welcome! If you're wondering how to achieve the glass skin effect, here are some tips you may want to know!

The matt effect is no longer a leading trend. As a matter of fact, we've lost affection for matte quite a long time ago, giving a room for a little bit of glow. The shine is a normal thing, as our skin produces sebum to protect and hydrate itself. So, instead of going against nature, it's worth highlighting the natural glow. Too much of it doesn't serve well to any face, but if well-balanced, it may make your skin look younger, fresher, and healthier.

Glass skin - it's not only makeup!

It is almost impossible to achieve the effect of glass skin without good skincare habits. Double cleansing is the most important one as it allows the removal of both oil and water-based impurities. This way, nothing that could block your pores and cause inflammation remains on the skin. As a result, you can enjoy cleaner and more beautiful skin that requires less coverage. 

Double cleansing routine

How to double-cleanse your skin? The rule is simple - oil-based products for greasy impurities such as color cosmetics or sebum and water-based ones for lighter substances such as sweat. After such a routine and before applying the cream, remember about using a toner to balance the pH of your skin. After deep cleansing, it can get too alkaline - its natural pH is a little acidic. By toning your skin, you'll avoid irritation and redness and give it a shot of additional moisture. 

Glass skin effect doesn't exclude the usage of foundation and other color cosmetics that can cover imperfections. However, the thinner their layer is, the better it will look. 


Aside from deep cleansing, remember to regularly remove the dead skin cells in order to unblock the pores and stimulate the regenerative processes. You can do it by using peelings with enzymes or PHA, AHA and BHA acids. 

Glass skin effect - what cosmetics to use?

A good basis guarantees a better output. We recommend choosing a BB or CC cream instead of foundation, but the light hydrating fluid will also do the job. Make sure to distribute it well, for example with a beauty blender.

Then it's time for a highlighter. Choose the one that goes in line with your skin shade. A warm golden highlighter won't look good when paired with a cold skin tone, and likewise an icy one with a warm complexion. Apply the highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and under your eyebrow arch, making sure to spread it evenly with a brush or beauty blender.

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