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Travelling in a camper van - the perfect way to spend your vacation

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Vacationing is becoming more and more associated with freedom and spending time exactly the way you like.


This is due to many different factors, but mainly stress. It is the stress of everyday life that makes us want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to vacation in an RV. Today, they are available to everyone and therefore it is time to forget about the myth that vacations in a rented RV are expensive!

You go exactly where you want - the advantages of an RV

Campervans are usually associated with outdated cars with interior design remembering the 80's and 90's. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, as today's campervans are high quality, exclusive vehicles, which makes resting in such a campervan extremely satisfying and relaxing. It is also worth noting that an increasing number of holidaymakers are choosing RVs over traditional touring hotels.

This change is obviously due to the world around us, as we are overwhelmed with a million things and responsibilities every day. For this reason, we don’t want to experience even more stress, which is often the case with traditional tours. Standing in line, visiting all the places you "have to visit" can be more tiring than satisfying.

The complete opposite of such a holiday is traveling in a camper. You decide when and where you want to go. This is the reason why vacationing in an RV is synonymous with perfect recreation for some people today. Today, renting such a camper is not expensive - on the contrary! Anyone can afford their dream holiday in an RV, even in the Canary Islands.

Where is the best place to rent camper vans?

The quality of the rented RV should be of the highest level. It is also a good idea to choose companies that offer satisfactory looking campervans at attractive prices. A perfect example can be caravan fuerteventura, a company that rents exclusive campervans in the Canary Islands. Attractive prices, combined with a wide range of models to choose from, can make your vacation a real dream come true.

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    What is cryptocurrency arbitrage, and why it is different from the regular methods of exchanging cryptos?

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    Even if this is not to dissimilar from traditional methods of handling and earning from cryptos, the main difference is that the arbitrage is never intended to be a strategy in which holding of the crypto coin is considered.
    Arbitrage is meant to be done fast, buying and selling in the shortest time possible.

    How to correctly make cryptocurrency arbitrage

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    Activate alerts: Another of the best tips we can give you is to activate alerts on price changes. This way you will know when a coin has gone down or up in value in the different brokers. This way you can make better profits or know when to buy or sell.

    Open accounts on exchanges or brokers: Of course, to carry out a cryptocurrency arbitrage you need to open an account on the exchanges so that you can trade on it. If you find platforms where the price is attractive, then you should open an account there.

    Calculate the potential profit: Once you have found two cryptocurrencies with attractive prices then the next step is to calculate the potential profit. For example, take the buying price of Bitcoin on platform A and subtract it from the selling price on platform B. This way you will know how much you will earn!

    Fund your account and buy cryptocurrencies: If the business seems attractive, the next step is to fund the account where you will buy the cryptocurrencies. Funding means you must deposit the corresponding money, either the minimum or the amount you will invest. Once this is done, it is time to buy cryptocurrencies.

    Transfer them to another platform: Ready, if you have made the purchase of cryptocurrencies on platform A, where they are cheap, the next step is to transfer them to platform B where you will sell them. To do this, make use of the Wallet transfer mechanisms.

    Sell them and withdraw the proceeds: The last step is to sell the cryptocurrencies you just transferred.

    All the above steps look easy if you consider them singularly, but all together they are a lot of work!
    The best way to do arbitrage is to rely on a good arbitrage software or online platform: those platforms take off the burden of checking continuously for different prices on dozens of online exchange, and allow you to buy and sell faster.

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