Tuesday, 26 March 2024 16:12

The High Cost of Migration

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Over the last ten years, the world has witnessed a vast human tragedy related to migration. According to a report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 63,000 people have died or disappeared on migration routes across the globe. This somber statistic sheds light on the dangers that lurk for those who leave their countries in search of safety and better living conditions.


Causes and Consequences of Migration

The greatest threat to migrants' lives is drowning, accounting for almost 60% of all deaths. The route through the Mediterranean Sea is particularly dangerous, where over 27,000 people have lost their lives. Tragic also are the accounts from the coasts of Libya and Tunisia, where a significant increase in the number of victims was recorded in 2023 alone. These data speak to the scale of tragedy of people fleeing conflicts, persecutions, and poverty, risking everything in the hope of a better tomorrow.

Invisible Victims

The IOM report emphasizes that official statistics may not reflect the full scale of the problem. Many deaths on migration routes, especially those referred to as "invisible disasters," are never documented. The issue of victim identification is also problematic – the majority remain anonymous, preventing families from obtaining information about the fate of their loved ones. This situation is a dramatic reminder of the need for global cooperation to improve safety on migration routes and to ensure protection for people on the move.

The IOM report is an important voice in the debate on migration, drawing attention to the tragic fates of people forced to leave their homes. It shows the need for actions to enhance safety and support for migrants, both in practical matters and in raising awareness about the challenges they face on their dangerous journey to a better life.