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The Future of Work in the Age of AI - Risks and Opportunities

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Managing AI and influencing the future Managing AI and influencing the future pixabay

With the dynamic development of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years, both in the job market and in daily life, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. Research conducted by Beautiful.ai on a group of 3000 managers in the United States reveals how deeply AI is beginning to penetrate the world of business, raising important issues regarding the future of employment.


AI in Management Positions

One of the key findings of the study is that as many as 66% of surveyed managers admitted to using AI in the workplace to increase employee productivity. More concerning, 12% of them stated that the introduction of AI was aimed at reducing labor costs through downsizing. Up to 41% of respondents believe that they will be able to replace part of the staff with "cheaper AI tools" this year, and 48% were of the opinion that the company could save significant sums by eliminating a "large number" of employees.

Robots and AI – The New "Employees"?

On one hand, these results may cause concern, especially in the context of growing fears about the level of unemployment. On the other hand, they provide an impulse for AI startups, such as Ema, which hope to create a "universal AI employee". Companies developing humanoid robots, like Figure AI, are also gaining importance, preparing their machines to work in various sectors. It's worth noting that managers, often the first on the list for dismissal in the case of cost reductions, might themselves be replaced by AI in the future. An interesting aspect of the study is also the finding that 64% of managers consider AI to be at least as competent, if not better, than experienced management staff.

In the face of these changes, employees are wondering whether it would be better if their supervisors were replaced by AI systems. The future of work in the age of artificial intelligence is wide open, challenging both employers and employees to redefine their place in a changing professional environment.

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