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How to choose a suitable hoverboard

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Many people want a hoverboard but it is difficult to choose from the variety of models and colors. And to make the right choice, here are the features you need to keep in mind when you want to buy a hoverboard:


  • Autonomy
  • Battery type
  • Price
  • Maximum weight supported
  • Wheel size
  • Maximum speed and distance
  • Accessories
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • Design / color
  • Origin

What type of user are you?

Before buying a hoverboard, you must first ask yourself where you will use it. Is it intended for daily trips to the city? Or will you use it on unstable terrain, on country roads, or even have fun with friends in a skate park? Depending on the use, there are more or less suitable models. Some hoverboards have a single mode of operation, useful for daily city trips or to go fast, while others have two modes of use, a Freestyle mode, and a Beginner mode.

Beginner mode:

First of all, to activate it, you just have to start the hoverboard by pressing the "ON" button once. This mode is great for starting to use the hoverboard when you don't know how to go with it, or for walking in a straight line. The beginner mode is suitable for a heavier, more stable, and easier to control board.

Free mode (or sport mode):

To activate this mode, press the "ON" button twice (a beep is heard, which confirms that the hoverboard is in Freestyle mode). Once activated, the hoverboard is much more flexible and therefore more sensitive to the movements of your body. You can get around much easier and faster, but it also makes it harder to control.


The battery lasts on average 20 km (about 2h30) for a classic model for adults. You need to think about the distance you travel and how long you will use the hoverboard, so you don't have to worry about having to stop. Because once the battery is empty, you will need to recharge. However, the charging time is usually short, about 2 hours.

Battery type

Speaking of battery life, the type of battery is also essential. There are several types of batteries to operate the hoverboard, and the best Smartbalance hoverboards use Samsung batteries, excellent and easy to recharge.


The price of course depends on the hoverboard bluetooth model. Choose according to your budget, but beware of the cheapest models that are not made of durable materials and the battery does not have proper performance. An online store that offers various models, gives you the guarantee of product quality.

 Technical specifications

  • Maximum speed: from 10 km / h for a children's model, up to 25 km / h for a high-end model. Models sold by Smartbalance offer a speed of 15-18 km
  • Supported weight: from 60 to 100 kg
  • Minimum age of use: 10 years for the mini skate model and 14 years for the adult model.
  • Wheel size: between 11 and 25cm
  • Power: up to 700 watts
  • Distance with a load: from 10 to 30 km


Some hoverboards are sold as such, while others are sold with accessories. If you choose promo packages, you will purchase hoverboard and hover seat, plus a custom storage box

Built-in Bluetooth speakers

For music lovers, some models even have speakers built into the platform. You can connect your smartphone (or mp3) via Bluetooth to the hoverboard and the music is played directly through speakers or speakers.

Design / color

The last important feature of a hoverboard is its design. The look is common, but lately different patterns are in vogue: military, colorful, pink, bright red, the flag of the United Kingdom, etc. The models offered by Smartbalance are special and highlight your personality as a user.

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