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Best Stick Welders in 2021

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With all the new brands and models it is really hard to say which welding machine will do its job by just looking at the specs and pictures. We have tested 20 affordable stick welders and we have picked 3, which - in our opinion - offer the best bang for your buck.


If you are into welding, you already know that there is always a need for a powerful welding machine. Welding machines have varied power outputs, which makes it elementary to find the best machine to suit your welding tasks. This is why we wanted to present you a selection of the best welding machines you can buy in 2021 which won’t cost you an arm and leg.

Some of these welding machines are also compact, lightweight, and portable. This implies that the machine can be used in different areas when required. Due to their rugged construction, they are highly durable machines that ensure long-term performance. To buy the right welding machine, you need to look for features like power output, portability, design, power input, construction, and machine safety, among others.

1.- Dekopro Arc Welder

Dekopro Arc Welder

Dekopro Arc Welder

 Do you need a powerful and convenient welding machine that does all your welding tasks? Deskpro Arc Welder welding machine is a reliable machine that is ideal for welding stainless steel, steel, cast iron, mild steel, aluminium and much more. You can perform TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA and FCAW welding.

It also features a control panel that is easy to manipulate, with two digital displays for measuring voltage and amperage used. It is an excellent multi-process machine that can work with or without gas.

2.- Stamos Germany S-MIGMA 175A welding machine.

Stamos Germany S-MIGMA 175A welding machine

Stamos Germany S-MIGMA 175A welding machine

 With a high power output of 175 A, the Stamos Germany S-MIGMA 175A is an efficient and convenient welding machine that will ensure high performance.

The machine has a 230 volt input, therefore it is a perfect selection to try. You can work MIG, MAG, MMA and FCAW welds. It has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to transport. The carrying handle makes it a practical machine.

This powerful machine comes with one kilogram of welding wire. You can weld steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, nickel, and many other metals. Its control panel is intuitively arranged and very easy to operate.

It is not as powerful as our first selection, it is smaller and works with a voltage of 230 VAC. However, it can operate in a range of 60 A - 175 A, which makes it very suitable for heavy duty work.

Its compact design and weight of 30 kilograms allow it to be used in a semi-portable way. This, together with the power characteristics and its sale price, makes us consider it among the best machines you can find.

3.- Forney Easy Weld

Forney Easy Weld

Forney Easy Weld

 The most expensive welding machine in this group, but even looking at the internet reviews you can notice that it must be pretty good. Very versatile, compact and built like a tank. In all weld thicknesses, this welder provides a stable arc for better performance. This machine is powered by 120 Volts, with a two-pin European style plug. It is very easy to use. Its multipurpose capacity offers MIG and MAG type welding.

With this machine, you can work on low carbon steels, stainless steel, magnesium, copper and aluminium. And the laces can be both precision and structural level. One of its great advantages is the European-style plug. You can plug it in almost anywhere.

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