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Is stone bathtub a good idea?

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When it comes to bathroom remodelling, bathtub is certainly one of the focal elements of this room. Customers are often torn between a classic acrylic bathtub or exotic stone bathtub. The differences are huge, especially when considering natural stone bathtubs.


Natural stone bathtub is definitely a fine idea!

Many contractors as well as private buyers are choosing these extraordinary products every year. The tendency is definitely growing. But what exactly give them advantage over classic acrylic tubs? Perhaps the sole fact that they are created by nature in the process that took hundred millions of years. Covered in lava, water, freezing cold an scorching sun. Needless to say that the rock bathtub is prepared to withstand a lot more. Unless somebody is planning to turn their garden or bathroom into a terraforming pithole, aren't they?

These products are something else in comparison to classic bathtubs. Thanks to the growing network of our distributors, they are getting more accessible and affordable all over the world! If by any chance there is no distributor in your area, do not hestitate to contact us directly. Our team will assist you in the entire process either by getting you in touch with our dealer or finiding a dropshipping solution so that you can install a beautiful balinese stone bathtub in your home.

The decision to purchase a stone bathtub is never regretted, because of the fact that these products are easy to maintain and extremely solid which is proven by the fact that each year we are getting more and more positive feedback from the authors of the projects where our stone sinks and bathtub are chosen. Lux4home wishes to thank for their trust.

Stone bathtub is a great match for a pair of stone sinks

This is one of the favourite ideas of architects that we work with - a stone bathtub and a pair of stone sinks. You can visit our website for many inspirations like this!

One of the projects that we are most proud of is following. It is an entire hotel resort in Antigua island. See for yourself!

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