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What Lash Extensions Are Best for Deep-Set Eyes?

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If you are a beginner in lash extensions, you will certainly be interested in finding out how to choose the best extension type for a particular eye shape.


Today we will talk about which extension scheme will be perfect for Deep-Set Eyes.

Best Eyelash Extensions for Deep-Set Eyes


First of all, let’s determine what Deep-Set Eyes look like. 

  • Deep set into the skull
  • The brow bones stick out
  • With the eyes set back and highly prominent brow bones the eyes may look smaller than they are 
  • This eye type is often accompanied by circles or bags under the eyes. 
  • As a rule these eyes have short and small upper eyelid and prominent brow bones. 

Since this is a rather specific form of eyes, you should make sure that you have chosen the correct Lash Extensions technique, which will make your clients' eyes look bigger and brighter.

We recommend:

  1. Use eyelashes of maximum length to make the eyes wide open. 
  2. The longest eyelashes in the center will make deep set eyes bigger and brighter. 
  3. You can also choose cat eye extensions technique.
  4. In some cases deep set eyes can benefit from eyelashes with severe curl (C or D) which hide all the imperfections. Experiments with M&L curls can also work. 
  5. We also recommend trying hybrid eyelash extensions and volume extensions of different lengths.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting: different clients have different eye shapes and different needs, so the choice of suitable extension technique will depend on the peculiarities of each of your clients.

To make the extensions last as long as possible, pay special attention to the choice of materials for work: lashes, eyelash glue, primer, cleanser, booster, remover and more.

A wide selection of high-quality supplies for lash extensions can be found on the site of the popular Canadian company LashStorePro.

Here you will find a wide range of eyelashes for various extension techniques, high-quality hypoallergenic glue and other materials for comfortable and long lash extensions wearing.

LashStorePro offers the best products that have proved their worth in beauty market and are in constant demand among top Canadian lashmakers.

Try and see for yourself: with these supplies you can easily make extensions that will flatter your clients!

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