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5 Effective Ways to Remove Wine Stains from Clothes Naturally

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See natural stain removers for clothing See natural stain removers for clothing pixabay

It is no secret that wine stains are hard to remove. This is why you should always be careful while pouring or drinking red wine, because it is very troublesome.

If, after all, you spilled some wine on a textile, there are several natural ways in which they can be removed. Check out some of the most efficient among them!

How to remove red wine stains from clothes?

If it happened , and you have a red stain from wine on your blouse, jeans, T-shirt or any other kind of material, the most important is to react quickly. Dealing with red stains as quickly as possible makes it more difficult for them to set in your clothes. What is more, you should never scrub the stains as this can actually make them spread on the material. Last but not least, always avoid hot air – don’t put clothes with wine stains into a tumble dryer and don’t dry your hair while wearing them.

How to get dried red wine out of whites?

Whites are the most problematic when it comes to stain removal. However, the procedure of removing stains from white T-shirts and shirts is similar to those applied with colorful materials.

Discover how to a get red wine stain out of a white shirt:

  1. Salt/baking soda/talcum powder. The most common way to remove wine stains is to use dry material that will pull the wine out of the material. The best option here is salt, but you may also try out baking soda or talcum powder. Put the powder directly on the damp stain and leave it for several minutes. If you act quickly, your stain will disappear completely!
  2. Boiling water. Although heat usually worsens the problem, boiling water can do the opposite as it can dilute the stain and make it disappear. Even if it doesn’t remove the issue, the material will become easier to clean.
  3. Natural stain remover. The most powerful option is a natural stain remover in the form of special bleach powder. Such a product offers a complex action: it lifts stains naturally, removes odors and revives colors. Thanks to plant and mineral-based ingredients, natural stain removers are hypoallergenic. See natural stain removers for clothing by AspenClean.
  4. Milk. This may be surprising , but milk is another good option to remove wine stains as it has powerful absorption qualities. Pour milk onto the stain and let it sit for several minutes. Then blot it up. The stain should no longer be there.
  5. Vodka. If you don’t have any milk on hand, you can also try using vodka. The way it functions is similar, and the effects can really exceed your expectations.

How to get dried red wine out of clothing?

We have already mentioned that the reaction time is essential if you want to remove wine stains from textiles. However, it is not always possible to take action right after the wine penetrates the material. The procedure of removing dried stains is similar to those used for damp stains, however the expected effects are harder to achieve. Several trials may be needed to get rid of wine stains.

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