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How Will The Changes To Google Analytics Affect The Work Of Web Developers In The Next 1 Year?

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Google announced that their official date of retirement for their current Universal Analytics tracking system will be July 1, 2023. Does it mean marketing teams have less than a year to find more suitable alternatives? Not really!


The changes that Google has made will have a profound impact on the work of a webdesign agency over the next year.

In particular, the new features and capabilities that have been introduced will allow developers to more easily and effectively track the performance of their websites and applications.

Additionally, the new interface will make it easier to understand the data that is being collected and to make better use of it to improve user experience.

What are some of the biggest changes?

In 2022, Google Analytics has undergone some of the biggest changes in its history.

For starters, the platform has a new look and feel. The interface is redesigned to be more user friendly and intuitive, making it easier for users to find the information they need.

In addition, new features and functionality have been added, including support for new data sources, improved reporting capabilities, and enhanced integrations with other Google products.

These changes will make Google Analytics an even more powerful tool for understanding and improving online activity.

How will this affect Google Analytics users?

The biggest change is the switch from a traditional desktop-based interface to a more mobile-friendly interface.

Once users have a better understanding of data and analytics in order to make the most of the platform, this change will make it easier for users to access their data on the go, and will also make it easier to share data with others.

In addition, the new interface will provide users with more options for visualizing their data, making it easier to spot trends and understand what their data means.

Overall, these changes will require users to invest more time and effort in order to get the most out of Google Analytics, but the rewards will be worth it for those who are willing to put in the work.

What is the future of Google Analytics?

In 2015, Google released its Universal Analytics, which allows developers to harvest data using any kind of software or device in connection to a server without the need of a conversion tool.

Although simple to use, there are many features that can be implemented beyond what analytics has built into their original system.

However, this gives direct access to data that was only available by purposeful tracking, but now Universal Analytics makes it so that all conversions can be tracked in real time, not just post engagement.

It’s hard to say what the future holds but Google has some predictions. They are dedicated to improving their products, so it’s likely that new features that aren’t even considered today will take their place in the future.

In terms of the future of Google Analytics, it’ll be easier for business owners to make strategic decisions using the available data.

Web Developers Will Like The Interface

The interface will allow businesses to access Analytics information on smartphones and change or improve content based on findings there.

Some features to be enhanced in analytics are likely to be real-time statistics, more advanced information, and better resources for beginners.

As the changes to Google Analytics continue to evolve, it is important to keep up with the changes and how they affect the work of web developers.

One advantage of using this tool over developing another Universal Analytics extension is it includes an interface that helps you avoid having to learn or use complicated coding systems.

Other developments include apps that help connect your social media accounts with Google Analytics.

Therefore, even if you don't want to update to the new version, take some time to learn more about Google Analytics.

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