Examination: Why Google Pixel Smartphones Sales Collapsed In 2017

In spite of pouring countless dollars in advancing the Google Pixel, the web crawler goliath saw its business energy fallen a year ago.

That is as indicated by IDC explore chief Francisco Jeronimo who uncovered, in front of Mobile World Congress (MWC), by a wide margin the world's greatest versatile industry expo, that Google dispatched just 3.9 million Pixels in 2017 - twice as much than the prior year.

Deals force have dropped considerably in 2017

Atherton Research

Google dispatched just 3.9 million Pixels in 2017 - twice as much than the prior year. In any case, had it kept its underlying deals energy from 2016, it would have delivered twice as it did - near 8 million units.

While most media outlets around the globe commended these outcomes as an enormous achievement for the Silicon Valley tech juggernaut, it was truth be told, an epic disappointment.

Here's the reason.

Regardless of propelling the original of its "Made by Google" cell phones on October 2016, the Mountain View, Calif.- based organization figured out how to send near 2 million units previously the year finished - that is under 3 months - which adds up to a month to month run rate of around 660,000 telephones.

Just to place this into point of view, Apple offers the same number of iPhones in 3 hours. Yet, that is not the point.

On the off chance that Google has kept its underlying deals energy all through a year ago, it would have dispatched near 8 million units. In any case, it wound up transportation only 50% of that regardless of tirelessly advancing the Pixels all through 2017, notwithstanding offering them as a swap for old Nexus telephones lastly vigorously reducing them after it reported the Pixel 2 age last October.


It's hard not to see the dispatch of Google's marked cell phones other than an aggregate debacle. What's more, we don't see that the obtaining of HTC's Pixel group for a $1.1 billion will really move the needle other than enhancing the cell phones' unwavering quality and accessibility as the Pixels have been tormented with equipment issues and are always out of stock.


Another issue Google needs to address is valuing. The tech mammoth needs to go to the acknowledgment that its image in the telephone equipment business is simply not worth as much as Samsung's or Apple's that it can summon a similar value premium. Having said that, in spite of how great Google telephones would be, they have to cost about $150 to $200 not exactly the recently discharged S9 ($720) and S9+ ($840) - and that is before Samsung's markdown of up to $350 for a qualifying exchange!

Sadly for Google, it doesn't resemble the business force in 2018 are any better and it should dispatch a remarkable gadget at a moderate cost in the event that it wouldn't like to rehash the Google/Motorola disaster of 4 years back, and quit the matter of making cell phones, by and by.

Creator: Jean Baptiste is a Vice-President and Principal Analyst at Atherton Research, a worldwide innovation insight firm helping customers convey effective go-to-advertise techniques.